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PAGES logos

The PAGES logo is available here for download in web and print compatible formats.

PAGES encourages scientists who are producing websites, written meeting documents or special issues of peer reviewed publications that have been supported in part by PAGES or constitute contributions to the PAGES program, to use our logo on these products.

Use of the PAGES logo requires the consent of the Executive Director.

Raster data Logos

Scaling will affect the print quality. For use in Powerpoint presentations or on web pages.

> PAGES_logo.jpeg (white background, high resolution)
> PAGES_logo.jpeg (white background, low resolution - web)

> PAGES_logo.gif (transparent, high resolution)
> PAGES_logo.gif (transparent, low resolution - web)

> PAGES_logo.pdf

> PAGES Early-Career Network (ECN) logo.jpg

Working Group Logos

> 2k Network.png
> ACME.png
> ATRN.png
> CRIAS.png
> C-SIDE.png
> CVAS.png
> DiverseK.png
> Floods WG.png 
> Human Traces.png
> MARDI.png 
> PaleoEcoGen.png
> PALSEA.png
> PEOPLE 3000.png
> PlanetaryBoundaries.png
> PlioMioVAR.png
> PO2.png
> Q-MARE.png
> SISAL.png