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Images or information in your profile on PAGES' all platforms (,,, must not be offensive and we reserve the right not to display content we deem inappropriate. You can not use the aforementioned platforms for illegal purposes and/or earn money from them. For example it is forbidden to share, sell, broadcast, store as backup, etc.  anything as digital format got it by you or by thid parties in an illegal manner.

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PAGES People Database

The PAGES People Database contains online profiles of >5,900 paleoclimate and paleoenvironmental scientists and supporters around the globe. By subscribing, you are creating an online profile for yourself. You can update this profile at any time. You can also search the other records by name, country, institute, program, or scientific expertise.

The disclosure of your data in the PAGES People Database is voluntary. Certain fields are compulsory and will be displayed when your profile is published online. This is indicated by a graphic on the righthand side of each field as you enter the information.

The protection of your personal data is very important to us and we take appropriate technical and organisational measures to ensure that your data is safe and not passed on.

We will not disclose your personal information to third parties. Third parties are prohibited from sending unsolicited information to mailing addresses, phone or fax numbers or e-mail addresses published in our online database. We reserve the right to take legal action against anyone violating this prohibition by sending so-called spam to our subscribers.

Questions and comments: If you have any questions, suggestions or comments relating to the issue of data protection and privacy, please contact our Communications Officer.