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PAGES working group databases

Databases and metadatabases compiled by PAGES Working Groups. We list here only larger data-compilation efforts. Please remember to properly acknowledge all data that you use from others, coming either from models or reconstructions. You may direct any queries or relevant links for inclusion to the Science Officer.


2k Network Global Temperature Database (2017):

2k Network Global Temperature Database (2013):

2k Network Global Temperature Field Reconstructions (2019):

2k Network Common Era Surface Temperature Reconstructions (2019):

2k Network Northern Hemisphere Hydroclimate (2016):

Antarctica2k Antarctica temperature reconstructions (2017):

Arctic 2k Temperature database (2013) update (2014):

Aus2k Low-resolution Australasian palaeoclimate records of the last 2000 years (2017):

Aus2k Instrumental and reconstructed rainfall data for Australia (2017):

Aus2kAustralasia Temperature reconstructions (2016):

NorthAmerica2k North American borehole temperature profiles suitable for climate studies (2016):

Ocean2k Low-resolution marine reconstructions (2015):

Ocean2k 400 Year Coral Data and Tropical SST Reconstructions (2015):

Iso2k Stable isotope records over the last 2000 years from a variety of archives (2020):

Arctic Holocene proxy climate database (2014):

C-PEAT (Peat carbon) Holocene Perspective on Peatland Biogeochemistry (2013):

Global Paleofire Working Group 2 (GPWG2) Global Charcoal Database (ongoing):

Multiproxy Approach for the Reconstruction of the Glacial Ocean surface (MARGO) Global and regional SST database (2009):

Nitrogen Cycle in the Ocean, Past and Present (NICOPP) Database (2013):

OC3 Carbon isotopes (δ13C) on benthic foraminifera over the last 20,000 years: this database is still under construction. For more information, contact the working group leaders

PEOPLE 3000 Global radiocarbon dataset (2022):

Pliocene climate variability over glacial-interglacial timescales (PlioVAR) (2020):

Sea Ice Proxies Arctic sea ice biomarker proxy IP25 database (2014):

SISAL speleothem database v.1b (2019):

SISAL speleothem database v.2 (2020):

SynTraCe-21 Earth's climate evolution during the last 21,000 years (2013):

Varves Image Portal and Varves working group (endorsed group)


The metadatabases provide meta-information collected by PAGES Working Groups of proxy sites of different natural and human archives that might be suitable for climate and environmental reconstructions. The PAGES metadatabases are intended as tools for working group activities, rather than final archives or end-user resources.

2k Network Phase 2 data:

Antarctica2k High-resolution proxy records for the last 2000 years from Antarctica and the Southern Ocean:
Arctic2k High-resolution proxy records for the last 2000 years from the Arctic region:
Aus2k A working tool used by the Aus2k working group to compile metadata on proxy records that fit the PAGES 2k Network criteria within Australasia:

Euro-Med2k Reconstructions and modeling in Europe and the Mediterranean region over the last 2000 years (2011):

Floods Working Group existing (published) flood records based on historical or natural archives:

LOTRED-SA Proxy records from South America over the last 2000 years (2013):

Ocean2k Paleoceaongraphic records over the last 2000 years: