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Active Working groups

PAGES' working groups (WGs) are temporary organizations that bring paleoscientists together from around the globe to target specific aspects of PAGES’ scientific agenda. They tackle broad questions that cannot be answered by a single research team but require the integration of the wider international science community.

WGs provide a platform for discussion, research, and community building, and normally run in three-year phases with each phase culminating in an intermediary or final major product (e.g. synthesis article, special issue, database). Many groups provide quantitative forcing scenarios for simulations or long-term data for model validation.

To further strengthen the societal perspective, PAGES fosters the development of WGs that seek to more fully integrate the humanities, social science disciplines, and societal archives, including those from archaeology, historical documents and Indigenous records, of environmental changes, climatic events and their impacts.

We regularly encourage community members to propose new working groups. Read more, below, about how to propose a new working group and the next deadline for applications.

PAGES also has an Early-Career Network (ECN) for early-career researchers.