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External databases

PAGES has compiled a list of national and international databases and information resources, which should serve as a useful starting point for an online data search. Please remember to properly acknowledge all data that you use from others, coming either from models or reconstructions.

If you would like a link to be added, or you find a link that does not work, please contact

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LinkedEarth  An open community for paleo data standards, software, infrastructure and training

CEOS International Directory Network (IDN)  Previously the Global Change Master Directory at NASA. A gateway to Earth Science Data

KNMI Climate Explorer  Global instrumental data and climate model simulations for the modern era

NOAA World Data Service- Paleoclimatology archive  Paleoclimate datasets

PANGAEA Geoscience Data Archive  Earth and environmental science datasets, including paleo datasets

NEOTOMA Paleoecology Database  A fully integrated relational database of global paleoecological data, including pollen, macrofossil and megafossil data

Modeling database

PMIP Paleoclimate Modeling Intercomparison Project  Climate model simulations for the last millenium, mid-Holocene, LGM, LIG and mid-Pliocene

Thematic databases

Aquatic sciences

ReefBase  A global coral reef database, including paleo datasets

Circum-polar Diatom Database  Diatom and limnological data from paleoecological research in the Arctic and Subarctic
Diatom Paleolimnology Data Cooperative  Currently being transferred to the NEOTOMA database. Diatom and associated ecological and paleolimnological data
European Diatom Database  Currently unavailable online, contact Steve Juggins

World Foramanifera Database  Global database of fossil (mainly pre-Quaternary) and recent species, includes links to other resources Lab  Information including key to species and photos

LakeNet  Some basic information plus news and links about lakes around the world
Continental Scientific Drilling Facility, University of Minnesota  (National Lacustrine Core Facility) Information about cores, samples and associated metadata held at the facility
Global lakes and wetlands database  Global GIS files of lakes and other wetlands including rivers and reservoirs

Antarctic and Southern Ocean Data Portal  Mostly modern marine geophysical and oceanographic data from U.S. Antarctic programs
International Arctic Science Committee (IASC)  Information about this non-governmental scientific organisation
British Oceanographic Data Centre  Repository for marine data managed and operated by the U.K. National Oceanographic Centre
CCHDO/CLIVAR (The Carbon Hydrographic Data Office)  Modern CTD and hydrographic data from GO-SHIP, WOCE, CLIVAR and other repeat hydrography programs
CLIVAR (CLimate & Ocean Variability, Predictability & Change) Data  Modern observaions and reanalysis ocean-atmosphere datasets
Deep Sea Drilling Project  Reports and publications from the Deep Sea Drilling Project
GEOTRACES Intermediate Data Product (IDP) Quality controlled trace element and isotope (TEI) data, covering the global ocean.
GLODAP (Global Ocean Observing System)  Global dataset of modern surface to bottom biogeochemical data from marine water samples
COPEPOD Project (Global Plankton Database)  Modern plankton and ecosystem data and visualisation tools
International Ocean Discovery Program (Integrated Ocean Drilling Program)  An International research collaboration co-ordinating seagoing expeditions to study ocean rocks and sediments. Includes access to data 
Japan Oceanographic Data Centre  Oceanographic data gathered by various academic and government organisations in Japan
Joint Global Ocean Flux Study  Field observations of marine carbon fluxes (1987-2003)
NAMSS The US National Archive of Marine Seismic Surveys  Marine seismic reflection data acquired by, or contributed to, US Dept of Interior agencies
NOAA/NCEI - Marine Geology and Geophysics  Modern data collected by NOAA scientists, observing systems and research initiatives
North Pacific Marine Science Organization (PICES)  Information about this inter-governmental organisation promoting and co-ordinating marine research in the North Pacific and adjacent seas
USGS Pacific Coastal and Marine Science Center  Modern data from multi-disciplinary scientific research in coastal and offshore areas of California

Arctic Ostracode Database  Species census data from modern surface and late Quaternary sediments from the Arctic Ocean and adjacent seas
North American Non-Marine Ostracode Database (NANODe)  Species images, maps and graphs showing the modern distribution of 89 non-marine Ostracods in North America

Atmospheric Sciences

Astronomy and Atmosphere 
UK Data Centre for Atmospheric & Earth Observation Research (CEDA)  Formerly the British Atmospheric Data Centre 
Canadian Astronomy Data Centre  Gateway to Canadian telescope and other data products
Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center (CDIAC) CDIAC data is now available from ESS-DIVE
Centre de Données astronomiques de Strasbourg A data hub dedicated to the collection and distribution of astronomical data and related information
NASA National Space Science Data Center A data archive for NASA space science mission data
Belgian Solar Influences Data Analysis Center  Information and observation data on solar physics and space weather
Space Science and Engineering Data Center, University of Wisconsin-Madison  Real-time and archive weather satellite data
World Data Centre for Greenhouse Gases  Global greenhouse gas monitoring data

Canadian Centre for Climate Modeling and Analysis  Canadian climate model simulations
U.K. Climate Impacts LINK Project  U.K. climate model simulations from the LINK project 
IRI/LDEO Climate Data Library  View, analyze and download climate data
IPCC Data Distribution Centre  Archive for climate, socio-economic and environmental data and scenarios included in the reports and figures of the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change)
KNMI Climate Explorer  Global instrumental and climate model simulations for the modern era
IRI/LDEO Links to climate data sources  Links to the original sources for IRI/LDEO atmospheric and ocean data
UK Met Office Hadley Centre Observation Datasets  Climate datasets from the modern era, including gridded land and ocean temperatures
WorldClim  A database of high spatial resolution global weather and climate data, including historical and climatological datasets
CLAMP climate data for specified locations  Input the latitude, longitude and altitude and it returns a variety of modern climate values for any (terrestrial) location
FAO AQUASTAT climate information tool  Returns monthly climate (P, Et) for a specified location
FAO Web LocClim  Returns monthly climate for a specified location
CRUTEM4 land temperature data (Google Earth interface)  Returns the annual temperature record for the CRUTEM4 grid boxes (since 1850) and for individual climate stations within a grid box on Google Earth
LIPDverse  Access to a variety of paleo datasets built using the Linked PaleoData (LIPD) framework. This includes a clickable map-based data viewer available for all or individual datasets Temperature12k, PalMod, Iso2k and PAGES2k Temperature

IPCC Data Distribution Centre (First Assesment to AR5)  Data for climate model simulations used in previous IPCC reports can be found here. Data from the latest AR6 report is available here, although the website is still undergoing development
World Data Center for Climate  Hosted by DKRZ. Archive for large research datasets which are relevant for climate or Earth system research
PANOPLY netCDF viewer  A visualisation tool for netCDF files used in climate modeling

Environmental isotopes

Arctic LTER (Long-term ecological Research) database  Long-term monitoring data from Alaska
GEOTRACES Intermediate Data Product (IDP) Quality controlled trace element and isotope (TEI) data, covering the global ocean.
Global Network of Isotopes in Precipitation (GNIP)  Isotopic data collected as part of the GNIP network
Global Network of Isotopes in Rivers (GNIR)  Recently launched database to compliment the GNIP network
GNIP/GNIR Data Analysis, Visualisation and Retrieval (WISER)  A self-service platform for data from the GNIP/GNIR network
Global Seawater Oxygen-18 Database  A collection of over 26,000 seawater O-18 values made since 1950
U.S. National Atmospheric Deposition Program  Monitoring data for U.S. precipitation chemistry since 1978
U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology Database  Laboratory Standards Reference Data
Phanerozoic and Precambrian Isotope Databases  From Jan Veizer
Stable Water Isotope Intercomparison Group (SWING) A project to compare water-isotope enabled GCM results across modelling groups

Historical data

Documentary Data/Archeology
Euro-Climhist Historical Weather  Database of Euopean historical climate data and information
U.S. National Archeological Database  An archaeological information management system for the U.S., now part of the tDAR International database
Norwegian Historical Data Centre  Norwegian census data from 1865 onwards together with parish registers and other sources from the 18th and 19th Centuries
SEDAC Socioeconomic Data and Applications Center  Aims to be an 'information gateway' between Earth Sciences and Social Sciences
Strategic Environmental Archaeology Database (SEAD)  Mainly data from Sweden, Scandinavia and Europe (in that order).

Early Instrumental
The Comprehensive Historical Upper-Air Network (CHUAN)  Monthly mean historical upper-air data prior to 1957

Terrestrial sciences

Borehole Data
Borehole Temperatures and Climate Reconstruction Database  Global database of boreole temperatures and climate reconstructions

Dendrochronology Database, WSL Switzerland  A relational tree ring database containing tree ring data and associated metadata
Tree-ring data at NOAA Paleoclimate Data archive  Global tree ring data and reconstructions based on tree rings

Fire data at NOAA Paleoclimate Data archive  Global fire history data
Global Paleofire Database  A global paleofire dataset for research and archiving sedimentary records of fire

Alaska PaleoGlacier Atlas  Pleistocene glacier extents in Alaska, images and polygons 
Antarctic Digital Gravity Synthesis (ADGRAV)  A new generation gravity map of Antarctica
Earth Resources Observation and Science (EROS)  Global land change and other remote sensing products
GEOSCOPE Earthquake Observation Network  Data from a global network of broad-band seismic stations
Global Forest Cover and Change (2000-2019)  A high spatial resolution gridded dataset of global forest cover (Hansen et al, Science 2013)
Get elevation for a location Input longitude and latitude and get elevation

Biostratigraphy Consulting  A selection of pre-Quaternary inventories and data from Alaska, Texas, Southern Louisiana and Gulf of Mexico
FAUNMAP  Data on mammal species in North America over the last 5 mil years. Now also available via NEOTOMA
Fossilworks Paleobiology Database  Tools to utilize the Fossilworks relational fossil database (mostly pre-Quaternary)

Australasian Pollen and Spore Atlas (APSA)  Online access to the largest collection of pollen and spores in the Australian region
BIOME 6000  Global pollen-based site reconstructions of vegetation at 0, 6 and 21 ka from the Biome6000 project
Paleocological Database Links at NEOTOMA  Links to the home pages of the regional pollen databases now included in NEOTOMA
NEOTOMA Paleoecology Database  A fully integrated relational database of global paleoecological data, including pollen, macrofossil and megafossil data
Eurasian Modern Pollen Database Viewer  A clickable map showing 8000+ modern pollen samples from Eurasia, part of the European Pollen Database. The database can also be downloaded from PANGAEA here. Due to be incorporated into NEOTOMA soon

River Runoff 
Global Runoff Data Centre  Hydrological data up to 200 years old

OxCal Online Calibration  Requires free registration
CalPal Online Calibration  Currently unavailable

Snow and Ice
Advanced Cooperative Arctic Data and Information Service (ACADIS)  Data management system for NSF Arctic Research Programs
Australian Antarctic Data Centre  Established in 1996 to provide long-term management of Australia's Antarctic research data
International Polar Year (IPY) Datasets  IPY is a year or so un which many nations co-ordinate their Polar research. The first ran from 1981-84, the fourth from 2007-08
National Snow and Ice Data Center  Data about the cryosphere
World Data Centre for Glaciology  A catalogue of glaciological literature
World Glacier Monitoring Service  Standardised montoring data on glacier fluctuations

European Soil Portal  A single entry point for and to host all relevant soil data and information at the European level

Alaskan tephra data  Major-oxide glass geochemical results from tephras erupted from volcanoes in Alaska
Large Volume Explosive Eruption Database  Aims to generate the most complete record possible of the >VEI 7 (>30km3 of products) eruptions that have occured around the world
Mono-Inyo Craters Database  A collection of age and isopach data for the Holocene tephras of the Mono-Inyo Craters, California
Tephrabase  Details about tephra layers and eruptions in Europe and Mexico