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Towards data synthesis

Melbourne, NSW, Australia
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Chris Turney
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This is the first meeting of the PAGES Australasia 2k Working Group, which is part of the PAGES 2k Global Network.

Download the program here.

Meeting Overview

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Fourth Assessment Report (IPCC AR4) identified significant uncertainties in future change over the southern hemisphere. A major cause of this uncertainty is inadequate estimates of the range of natural variability in the southern hemisphere. It is critical that we gain a better understanding of change during the recent historical past to provide a baseline to compare contemporary trends and help constrain future uncertainty. The need is particularly acute in the Australasian region which straddles several major oceanographic and atmospheric controls that are of global significance and potentially sensitive to anthropogenic-driven climate change.

This 3-day workshop will target the recognised need for extended estimates of regional-scale climate variables to ultimately reduce uncertainties about climate change and its potential impacts in the Australasian region (we are particularly interested in focussing on high resolution (annual to decadal) and quantitative studies). The aim of this workshop is to fill a critical gap in climate science by developing annual to decadal climate reconstructions for Australasia for the past 2000 years (henceforth 2k) and report these results to the wider scientific community through the PAGES regional 2k synthesis book.

The meeting will be focused towards achieving the goals of the Aus2k Group, which are to:

1) Develop multi variate reconstructions of climate variables (temp, precip) on annual to decadal times scales from the Australasian region for the past 2k 2) Compare palaeo data to models simulations over the past 2k 3) Publish our review and new results in the PAGES regional 2k synthesis book by 2012-13

The meeting will comprise 1.5 days of invited and open oral and poster presentations, panel discussions, and metadatabase input, and 1.5 days of semi-closed discussions and coordination of sub-regional review papers.

Participation for the first 1.5 days of the meeting is open to all (following registration). The last 1.5 days are semi-closed. If you would like to attend these final days please contact the meeting organizers.

For details on confirmed speakers, registration and abstract submission, please visit the Aus2k meeting website that will be online by the 11 March.

Registration cost: 50 AUD

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