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2nd Australasia 2k Workshop

Perth, WA, Australia
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Joelle Gergis
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This is the second meeting of the PAGES Australasia 2k Working Group, which is part of the PAGES 2k Global Network. The PAGES Working Group on Australasian climate during the last two millennia (Aus2k) was launched in July 2007 to generate and synthesize high-resolution paleoclimate data to assess and elucidate both the timing and variability of the Australasian climate change during this period.

The aim of the 2nd Aus2K workshop is now to gather and assess the records identified through the metadatabase to generate a range of Australasian temperature reconstructions covering the last 2,000 years in time for IPCC AR5. Specifically, the aim is to contribute to the PAGES regional 2K network’s synthesis book and a consortium paper presenting the best temperature reconstructions currently available from each of the eight 2K working groups.

For more information, download the workshop circular

If you would like to attend, please contact the organizers.