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10th Intecol Wetlands Conference

Changshu, China
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Nanjing University of China will host the 10th INTECOL International Wetlands Conference (IWC) to be held in Changshu, China, from 19-24 September 2016.

The 10th INTECOL IWC will be an excellent opportunity to learn and share recent advances in our understanding of wetland biodiversity and ecosystem management, the functional roles of wetlands in wastewater treatment, wetland restoration, ecosystem services, and the 'wise use' of natural resources for sustainable development. The conference will have profound and historically-significant effects on the wetlands research and management of China and the world.

Conference location

Changshu, a small city in Jiangsu Province, called Yu for short, is located in the lower reaches of the Yangtze River. Its envied cultural history, beautiful landscape and abundant products have won itself a great admiration in east China. Thanks to its 5,000 year-long rich history of culture & civilization, and ecological protection achievements, Changshu has won the accolade of National Famous Historical & Cultural City. The warm hospitality of the Changshu citizens, the unique oriental cultural heritage, and the beautiful natural setting will make the 10th INTECOL IWC a memorable experience for everyone.

Conference background

To read more about the history of the event, go to:


PAGES-supported session

The Aquatic Transitions working group will host a special session entitled "Trends in wetland condition and ecosystem services: the value of the long term perspective."


Abstracts due: 31 March

Further information

Contact Aquatic Transitions working group leaders Peter Gell ( or Jasmine Saros ( for further information about the session.

Or got to the conference website:

Post-meeting material

Read a blog by Suzanne McGowan and Keely Mills here.