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10th World Dendro Conference

Thimphu, Bhutan
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The 10th World Dendro Conference will be held in Thimphu, Bhutan, from 2-22 June 2018.


Since the first International Tree-Ring Conference, the field of tree-ring research has grown at a phenomenal rate. Much of the discipline's expansion can be accounted by the increasing numbers of students and scholars in developing countries, hence the decision to hold this conference in Bhutan.

The conference will:
- include multiple forums in which students and educators of natural sciences in Bhutan can participate without cost,
- have multiple venues open to the general public where interested citizens can learn about the latest environmental discoveries, and
- create a monetary fund to support young scientists in the host country.


- Forest Inventories and the Study of Global Change
- Mountain Dendrochronology
- DendroClimatology
- DendroHydrology
- Tropical Dendrochronology
- Wood Anatomy and Modelling Wood Formation
- Dendrochronology and Non-traditional Species
- Isotopes and Tree-rings
- DendroEcology
- Discrete Events and Extremes
- DendroArchaeology
- Methodological Innovations in Dendrochronology
- Proxy/Model Comparisons

Field trips and workshops

Access all the pre- and post-conference field trips and workshops here:

Abstracts and registration

Registration for the conference, pre-conference fieldweek, workshops, and excursions closes 15 March.

Register here:

There you will also find a helpful four-step guide on how to submit your abstract or express your intent to come and complete your visa application form.

Use the Conference Application bookings page to contact organizers and receive information on the various post conference excursions on offer.

Further information

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