Training School on Methods in Applied Earth- and Aquatic Sciences

Germany and South Africa
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A Training School on Methods in Applied Earth- and Aquatic Sciences will be held in South Africa and Germany from 18-25 September 2021.


Due to the ongoing pandemic situation, two summer schools will be held synchronously in Richards Bay and Cape Town (South Africa) and Schwerin (Germany). To substitute the in-person professional and cultural exchange between African and German students, participants will share their experience in daily (live) video conferences and comment via social media channels.

The summer schools are fully funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research Germany.

Goals of the summer school

Participants of the Summer School will be trained in bio- and geoscientific fieldwork sampling, applied in terrestrial and aquatic environments. Water samples will be analysed in the field or field lab with both inexpensive and simple methods such as e.g. pH-indicator paper or salinity refractometer, as well as more costly field methods, such as the application of handheld multi-parameter probes or portable spectrophotometers with analytical rapid tests. Biological field methods will include plankton hauls and benthos samples, while geo techniques will focus on surface sampling of soils and sediments and long sequences of deeper soil/sediment layers with different coring equipment.

The practical knowledge on how to obtain reliable scientific sample material is fundamental to answer applied questions in environmental geology and ecosystem assessments. In addition, participants will be made aware of how environmental pollution can be detected and how to identify point sources or diffuse seepages of pollutants.

It is expected that the academic background of the participants is from various disciplines in the bio- or geosciences. This will inevitably stimulate discussions about research questions and specific sample collection strategies. This will raise the awareness of the specific needs of related disciplines and strengthen individual problem-solving skills.

Project description

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Target group

The summer school is aimed at students, doctoral candidates, and junior scientists from natural and engineering disciplines. Participants do not have to have any special previous knowledge, but an interest in geosciences is encouraged.


Send your application by 11 July 2021 to:

A successful application will include a CV, a letter of motivation and one reference letter by your supervisor or employee.

Applications are encouraged from candidates studying or training in the geo- and/or life sciences or engineering professions.

Furthermore, a balanced number of German and southern African (South Africa, Namibia, Angola, Zambia, Mozambique, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Lesotho) participants and a gender parity distribution will be sought.

Further information

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Team Germany: Prof. Dr. Torsten Haberzettl: and Dr. Finn Viehberg:

Team Africa: Dr. Jemma Finch: