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LOTRED-SA 3rd symposium: Climate change and human impact in Central and South America over the last 2000 years: Observations and models

Medellín, ANT, Colombia
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LOTRED-SA-3rdsymp-logoThis LOTRED-SA meeting is a continuation of previous exciting symposia held in Argentina (2006) and Chile (2010), which provided a well of data, and climate reconstructions, mostly on southern South America.

This time the symposium moves to tropical America emphasizing the importance of the region in global climate dynamics from annual to millennial time scales. The meeting is expected to attract researchers and students from the Caribbean, and Central and South America, thus providing a venue of discussion and a synoptic picture of climate dynamics in the neotropics, including previous and new findings from the extratropics and the adjacent oceanic regions.

As in previous meetings, this symposium will include 2.5 days conference, 1-day field trip, and 1.5 days of Training Course or Workshop for young scientists.


In the LOTRED-SA 3rd symposium we plan to consolidate the previous community achievements, involve researchers and stimulate PAGES 2k relevant research in tropical Central and South America, and generate momentum in the emerging PAGES 2k activities for South America as considered at the PAGES OSM in Goa 2013:

- Review existing and new observational data sets, discuss new proxies and techniques (analytical and numerical, data analysis, calibration)

- Discuss proxy-climate relationships, modern climate and paleoclimate dynamics

- Model past climate (2k, late Holocene)

- Data-model comparison, data assimilation, data synthesis (reconstructions)- Lessons from the Past for the Future

- Human and climate impacts on ecosystems, climate-human interactions (PAGES Focus 4)

- Data collection and management, community achievements

- Gear up for the Final PAGES 2k Synthesis in 2016

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> Abstract volume

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>Climate change and human impact in Central and South America over the last 2000 years. Climate of the Past Special Issue, 2015. Edited by C. Gonzalez Arango, M. Grosjean, T. Kiefer, J. Martinez, and R. Villalba