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PAGES 2k Network seminar series - Ed Hawkins

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Sarah Eggleston
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The PAGES 2k Network conducted an online seminar series 20 May - 8 Nov 2021.

Today's seminar - 29 September at 12:00 UTC

Ed Hawkins will present "Connecting paleo reconstructions and instrumental records".

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As paleo reconstructions become more detailed and extend towards the present, they are met by the instrumental records, which are extending further backwards in time. This talk will highlight two examples of opportunities for linking these different data sources to better understand the climate of the early-industrial era. First, the IPCC AR6 WGI report highlighted that there was likely some human-caused global warming between 1750 and the 1850-1900 period most commonly used as a 'pre-industrial' baseline, but with large uncertainties in the magnitude of this change. Better understanding the climate response to the several large volcanic eruptions that occurred during the 1750-1900 period is also of considerable interest. Can the instrumental temperature records over land and sea, which are now being extended back to cover much of this period, be connected to the paleo data to help address these questions? Second, and more locally, the UK now has a detailed gridded monthly rainfall series based only on rain gauge data back to 1836, and even earlier for many sub-regions. This dataset was enabled thanks to the efforts of thousands of citizen scientist volunteers who digitised millions of observations from hand-written sheets, and offers another opportunity to link instrumental and paleo data to understand long-term trends and natural variations.

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