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PMIP3 third general meeting

Namur, Belgium
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Michel Crucifix
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The Palaeoclimate Modelling Intercomparison Project (PMIP) is a consortium of research scientists and academics that has been active since 1995 to study past climates, with a focus on model-model and model-data comparison. Its objectives are to document performance of climate models, understand mechanisms of past climate change, and improve our knowledge of climate sensitivity. Over almost 20 years, PMIP has stimulated state-of-the art research with high visibility, and it turned to be one of the most successful modelling projects focused on past climates.

The chronological evolution of PMIP is structured around 3 phases, along with the developement of modelling standards. The Namur conference is the 12th event of the whole PMIP life, and the second conference of the third phase of PMIP.

For the first time, the PMIP conference is organised around a series of invited lectures, involving delegates new to the PMIP community, and, on the other hand, a number of theme discussion sessions. This organisation was adopted to target two objectives: (a) acknoweldge recent work made within PMIP, including recent model intercomparisons, database consolidation and climate process studies and (b) involve the experts along with the whole PMIP audience on innovative modelling and inference approaches.

Important deadlines

30 November 2013: deadline for travel support submission
31 December 2013: early bird registration rate (380 EUR) and free cancellation
31 March 2014: deadline for abstract submission
15 May 2014: full rate registration deadline (580 EUR)