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C4: Climate Change and Carbon Cycle -Global Change from the Deep-past to the Anthropocene

Pisa, Italy
Contact person
Eleonora Regattieri
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This workshop will take place from 22 - 24 June, 2022.


CNR Research Area, Pisa, Italy


The workshop aims to address processes and interactions linking carbon cycle and climate at different time scales, and their impact on the Earth System, from the deep past to future projections and reconstructed with different methodological and conceptual approaches.

The workshop will be an open meeting but the number of participants in presence will be limited to 150 for logistic reasons. We will provide live streaming of the event on our website.


The C4 Workshop (C4 WS) is co-organized by the Working Groups “Paleoclimate Dynamics” and “Carbon Cycle” of the Italian CNR. C4 WS aims to foster novel opportunities of collaborations and knowledge exchange within the scientific communities interested in Global Changes, Climate System and Carbon Cycle through time. The workshop will be structured around three highly interdisciplinary scientific sessions – Processes, Impact & Frontiers – aimed to integrate different scientific perspectives and embracing a wide temporal range, from the million-year scale of geological processes, through the thousand-year scale of the orbitally-driven and sub-orbital climate changes of the Quaternary, to the yearly (and sub-yearly) scale of modern monitoring and observations.

Processes: This session aims to provide a better understanding on how linear and not-linear feedbacks in the carbon cycle operate to modulate the evolution of climate and its sensitivity to forcing through time, and to explore processes, triggers and tipping points acting at multiple time scales. It welcomes process-driven insights into interactions between global carbon cycle and climate system in the terrestrial and marine environments, based on multi-faceted approaches.

Impacts: This session aims to analyse the expression of global changes linked to climate and carbon cycle on the different components of the Earth System across multiple time scales, relaying on a multi-disciplinary and comprehensive approach. It welcomes contributions on past, present and future impacts of carbon cycle changes on the atmosphere, lithosphere, cryosphere, hydrosphere and biosphere, as well as studies exploring the responses of ecosystem and environments to different combination of climate boundary conditions and GHG forcing in the past and in the present.

Frontiers: This session aims to face the scientific and analytical frontiers in the carbon cycle-climate system dynamic researches, to identify common/trans-scale knowledge gaps and to stimulate discussion on how a joined effort of the paleo- and present- scientific communities can put forward the current research boundaries. It welcomes contributions on trans-disciplinary approaches aimed to reconcile results from different method and scales, research dealing with missing budget, reservoir, processes and their influence on the formulation of the past trends and on the future scenarios.

Key speakers/lecturers

Keynote speakers:

  • Richard Sanders (National Oceanography Centre, University of Southampton, Southampton; UK)
  • Bärbel Hönisch (Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory; Columbia Climate School; Palisades, NY; USA)
  • Marie Edmond (Department of Earth Sciences, University of Cambridge; UK)

Preliminary program

The detailed program (on-line soon) will be available from 15 March 2022.

Oral presentation will be 10 minutes for the talk, followed by 5 minutes for questions and discussion
Poster: each poster will be introduced by a 2 minutes poster presentation.
Please visit the website for details of the sessions:


The workshop will be limited to 150 people for logistical reasons, so we encourage registering early.
Registration: will open from 13 December 2021 through the workshop webpage.

The deadline for registration is Monday 2 January 2022.

Abstract submission

From 13 December 2021 to 28 February 2022.
The deadline for abstract submission and grant applications has been extended to 30 April!

The abstract (English only) should be within 500 words including references and has to be prepared following a template that will be provided soon.


The registration fee includes the opening icebreaker with food and drinks, lunches and coffee breaks. Please indicate any dietary restrictions on the registration form.
Early payment: By 28 February 2022, 90 €
This is the mandatory deadline for people submitting an abstract.
Late payment: By 16 May 2022, 120 €


A limited number of grants will be available for presenting Ph.D and Post-Doc students and for early career and senior scientist from developing or low-income countries.
Grants will cover the registration fee and the accommodation in Pisa.
Please send a brief CV, the submitted abstract and a motivation letter to:
The deadline for grant application is 1 February 2022.

The deadline for abstract submission and grant applications has been extended to 30 April. 

More information

Please contact Eleonora Regattieri via email for more information:

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