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Seminar Series on sea-level changes, GIA and ice sheets: Brendryen & Grant

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As a group under the combined auspices of the WCRP, PAGES' PALSEA working group, SERCE and the IAG sub-commission 3.4, group leaders started a once-a-month virtual seminar series dealing with sea-level changes, GIA, and ice sheets in 2021.

This monthly seminar series is intended to engage a broad community in advance of future workshops organized by PALSEA-SERCE and the WCRP, and to stimulate discussion and ideas for collaboration and synthesis in this multidisciplinary community.

The webinar series will continue in the coming months leading up to the WCRP Sea Level Meeting ( and PALSEA workshop (, both in Singapore and online in July, 2022.

Next seminar

8 March at 19:00 UTC

9 March at 19:00 UTC (8am in N.Z.) 

The theme of rates and amplitudes of Pleistocene ice sheet and sea level variations with speakers Jo Brendryen and Georgia Grant


Jo Brendryen is a senior researcher in Quaternary marine geology and paleoclimate at the University of Bergen (Department of Earth Science and the Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research), Norway. His research interests span a wide range of topics but centers at ocean margins as these are the interphase between the oceanic and the terrestrial realms and especially important for the understanding of ocean-ice sheet interactions.  Jo’s talk will be on “Rates of deglacial ice sheet retreat”.

Georgia Grant is an ECR, employed as a Sedimentologist at GNS Science (Crown Research Institute), New Zealand. She co-leads the ‘Southern Ocean and Antarctic Chronology and Environment Proxies’ subcommittee  under the new SCAR (Scientific Committee of Antarctic Research) research program INSTANT (Instabilities and Thresholds in Antarctica). Georgia will present on “A continuous record of sea-level change during the intensification of North Hemisphere Ice Sheets (3.3 – 1.7 Ma)”.

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Future seminars

12/13 April at 19:00 UTC

Nick Golledge, "Climate forced changes of the Antarctic Ice Sheet: Evidence, inference, and speculation"


10 May (time and speakers tbd)

Terry Wilson and the Polenet-ANET team on the theme of seismic and geodetic networks in Antarctica


14 June (time and speakers tbd)

Ivan Haigh “The impact of sea-level rise on storm surge barriers” and Sally Brown “title tbd”


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Organizing committee

Organizers from WCRP Sea Level Grand Challenges, IAG Subcommission on Cryosphere Deformation, PALSEA and SCAR-INSTANT

Alessio Rovere, Alex Simms, Jacky Austermann, Jeff Freymueller, Jeremy Shakun, Mark Tamisiea, Natalya Gomez, Natasha Barlow, Tom James