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Workshop: "Quaternary marine ecosystems: climate versus human impacts in the pre-industrial era"

Online meeting
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Konstantina Agiadi
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Workshop: "Quaternary marine ecosystems: climate versus human impacts in the pre-industrial era"


Date: 5-7 December
Time: 13:00 - 15:00 UTC (15:00 - 18:00 CET)
Venue: Online
Hosted by: CM-CSIC
Oganized by: Maria Bas, Andre Colonese, Tatiana Theodoropoulou, Bryony Cashwell and Konstantina Agiadi


The workshop aims to assemble:

1) published data of marine death assemblages, archaeological data and historical records to write a review on pre-industrial human and climate impacts on marine ecosystems; and
2) metadata on available sedimentary archives that could be repurposed to obtain marine death assemblages. 

Keynote speakers

Dr. Martin Visbeck
Dr. Anne Salomon
Dr. Heike K. Lotze


Assemble metadata on available sedimentary archives and published data to address the workshop question.

Climate and human activities altered marine ecosystems for thousands of years before industrialization, changing the composition, structure and dynamics of marine communities and the distribution, ecology and physiology of marine organisms. However, disentangling human impacts from those of natural climate variability remains a challenge. Marine ecosystems have proven robust to natural climatic perturbations, but are less resilient to anthropogenic impacts. Moreover, the timing, rate, and intensity of anthropogenic impacts on marine ecosystems before  and after the industrial revolution varied across the world, increasing and confounding the effect of the shifting baselines syndrome. Q-MARE brings together scientists from different disciplines to disentangle past climate and human-induced changes and explore the timing and scale of human impacts on Quaternary marine ecosystems by combining paleontological, paleoclimatic, archaeological, and historical data. 


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