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PlioMioVAR Workshop: Miocene Temperature Synthesis

Utrecht, Netherlands
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Sindia Sosdian
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Location: Workshop will be in 2 parts: 100% Virtual workshop (online) will bring together the scientific community and build momentum for the second workshop (Utrecht/hybrid).
Dates: Fall 2022 (virtual meeting) and June 2023 (Utrecht/hybrid meeting)


The Miocene Epoch (23 to 5.3 Myrs ago) represents a period of global warmth relative to the present day. With similar tectonic configurations to today and atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations during peak Miocene climate warmth similar to future predictions, this time interval could serve as a paleo-analog to assess future climate scenarios and provide insights into how the Earth system behaves during warm climate intervals.

Thus far, model data- comparisons of the Miocene have been difficult to reconcile, limiting our ability to identify important climate forcings and feedbacks and assess model-data agreement. A rapidly growing set of proxy-derived ocean temperature records are now available. However, interpretation of these records, to yield a robust global synthesis in a way that most effectively informs modeling efforts, requires consistent data handling methods and concerted efforts to understand and constrain sources of uncertainty.

About the workshop

Following the momentum of Miocene-focused activities, including the recently established MioMEET meetings (meetings dedicated to the Miocene Epoch ) 2019 (Stockholm) and 2023 (Utrecht), Special Issue on the Miocene (2020), and development of the Miocene Data Portal (2021), there is a community driven effort to refine our understanding of the Miocene climate dynamics.

The planned workshop will be organized by the new PAGES working group PlioMioVar and aims to synthesize temperature data and establish protocols for compiling proxy data from an array of proxy types (i.e. d18O, Mg/Ca, Uk37, TEX86, ∆47) covering large spatial and temporal ranges.

This effort will allow a better understanding of broad scale temperature and climate patterns and underlying driving processes in the Miocene. With the development of the DEEPMIP-Miocene and model-intercomparison effort, the modeling community will be in need of a Miocene temperature atlas moving forward.

The planned hybrid workshop and its focus (i.e. temperature synthesis) will be complementary (and will run jointly) to the next MioMeet scheduled in June 2023. MioMeet 2023 will bring together a multidisciplinary group of scientists working on a broad range of topics in the Miocene. 

Overall, this critical and timely workshop will bring together data collectors to achieve the following objectives:

  1. examine best approaches to a global temperature reconstruction using a disparate set of proxies (including internally consistent methods regarding calibrations and error propagation);
  2. explore regional and global temperature patterns across chosen time intervals (e.g. Miocene Climatic Optimum, early Miocene, late Miocene, and Middle Miocene Climate Transition) ensuring this is overlain on an internally consistent Miocene chronology; and 
  3. provide an ocean temperature data compilation to the modeling community.

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More information

Please contact Sindia Sosdian for more information via email: