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Summer School on Speleothem Science (S4)

São Paulo, SP, Brazil
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Petronela Sevcikova
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The Summer School on Speleothem Science (S4) resulted from the need to provide students with the best available knowledge taught by leading experts in the field. The summer school has been held every two years since 2013.


Dates: 06-13 August 2023
Location: Institute of Geosciences, University of São Paulo, Brazil


Extraction of paleoclimatic information recorded within speleothems, precious climate archives found in caves, using the classical and state-of-the-art geochemistry techniques, as well as good field and laboratory techniques, environmentally friendly sampling, and sample handling.

The timescale covered is for the most part up to ca. 750 ka as constrained by current U/Th dating approaches for speleothems, although a lecture on U/Pb dating is planned to demonstrate the potential to study older deposits.


Speleothem science has been evolving for more than 50 years, and it has become integral to reconstructing past climates, landscape evolution, human and animal migration (archeology/ecology), as well as evaluating groundwater transport and testing dynamic ocean-atmosphere models that are critical to forecasting climate change. Because of this growing diversity, it is becoming increasingly difficult for any individual department or institute to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of speleothem science.

The main objectives of S4 are to:

  • educate the next generation of speleothem scientists;
  • provide them with the opportunity to meet and learn from the leading experts in the field from all over the world and;
  • build their networks with speakers and peer-students in an informal and welcoming environment.

The event is particularly suited for MSc and PhD candidates, as well as selected Early Career Researchers (ECRs), whose research interests are closely related to speleothem science.

This summer school comprises lectures, workshops, and a fieldtrip to selected cave sites.

The lectures provide a comprehensive overview of fundamental concepts, as well as established and novel approaches used in speleothem science, including isotope and trace-element geochemistry, speleogenesis and petrography, dating methods, and applications of advanced statistical data processing. 

Important dates

1 November 2022: Applications open
31 December 2022: Applications close 
Registration, including abstract submission, will open in February 2023 and close 31 May 2023.

Key speakers/ participants

  • Prof. Andrea Borsato
  • Dr. Kathleen Wendt
  • Prof. Kathleen Johnson
  • Prof. Juan Pablo Bernal
  • Dr. Annabel Wolf
  • Prof. Valdir Novello
  • Prof. Ricardo Trinidade
  • Dr. Plinio Jaqueto
  • Prof. Mathias Vullie
  • Dr. Hubert Vonhof
  • Prof. Nicolas Strikis
  • Prof. Haiwei Zhang
  • Dr. Prof. Augusto Auler
  • Prof. Francisco William da Cruz Jr.
  • Dr. Giselle Utida
  • Prof. Kira Rehfeld
  • Dr. Max Hansen 

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More information

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