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SCAR Instabilities and thresholds in Antarctica (INSTANT) Conference 2023

Trieste, Italy


Date: 11-14 September 2023
Location: Trieste, Italy
Venue: Trieste Convention Center


The INStabilities & Thresholds in ANTarctica (INSTANT) Scientific Research Programme (SRP) will address a first-order question about Antarctica’s contribution to sea level. It encompasses geoscience, physical sciences and biological sciences, of the way in which interactions between the ocean, atmosphere and cryosphere have influenced ice-sheets in the past, and what expectations will be in the future with a special focus on quantifying the contributions to global sea level change.

The aim of the SRP is to “quantify the Antarctic ice sheet contribution to past and future global sea-level change, from improved understanding of climate, ocean and solid Earth interactions and feedbacks with the ice, so that decision-makers can better anticipate and assess the risk in order to manage and adapt to sea-level rise and evaluate mitigation pathways”.

Find out more about the INSTANT Scientific Research Programme here:

About the conference

The priority focus of the conference will be on improving knowledge of the key rate- determining processes, instabilities and potential irreversibilities that affect the mass change of the Antarctic Ice Sheet and its contribution to past, present and future global sea-level.  We invite leading and emerging experts, as well as early career researchers (ECRs), from modellers to observationalists, to present and discuss the state of the science and critical knowledge gaps. We also invite perspectives from the stakeholder and practitioner communities, and will discuss best practices in communication and engagement.

Conference format: morning plenaries and afternoon workshops, pre and post conference excursions and activities; pre-post conference side meetings.

There will be lots of talks and workshops relevant to CLIVASH2k and PAGES2k themes, including dedicated workshops focused on high resolution southern hemisphere records (more info to follow).

Registration and Abstract submission are now open.
Deadline for submission and application of ECRs travel grants is April 3rd.

More information on the SCAR INSTANT conference

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INSTANT conference 2023