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2nd PMIP WINGS seminar

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The Paleoclimate Modelling Intercomparison Project (PMIP) has launched PMIP WINGS (PMIP Web-based INteractive Global Seminars), an online seminar series which the group hopes everyone will want to be part of. 

The idea is to hold seminars approximately once a month on the last Thursday of the month. 

The format can develop but the plan is to start with two 20 minutes presentations plus discussion, finished within an hour, on Zoom. 


Date: 23 February 2023

Location: Online

Time: 16:00 UTC

To join:

You will receive a link to attend the next webinar in a mail sent to the pmip-announce mailing list*, and a reminder will be sent a few hours before the webinar starts. 

*Send a mail to (pmip4web[at]lsce[dot]ipsl[dot]fr) if you are not a member of the list yet, and you want to receive PMIP related information.


The second of the PMIP Web-based INteractive Global Seminars will feature Charlie Williams and Ran Feng, who will both speak for 20 mins followed by some discussion.

Charlie will talk on “Reflections on using HadGEM3 for warm palaeoclimates”. It is based upon his experiences running the midHolocene, midPliocene-eoi400 and Eocene simulations with the UK model.  

Ran’s talk is entitled “Past terrestrial hydroclimate sensitivity controlled by Earth system feedbacks” and shows the benefits of running additional sensitivity experiments  

How to join

Details to join the meeting will be available on the wikipage for the seminar series:

Zoom at 16:00 UTC:

Future seminars

Next month, we will have Zhongshi Zhang (China University of Geosciences, Wuhan) and Sze Ling Ho (National Taiwan University) speaking on 30th March. 

The group is always looking to fill up the rest of the seminar series, and looking for volunteers. You can present anything PMIPish. It can be science results, plans, work in progress, proposals for things that PMIP could do, or really any other things that may be of interest to the members of PMIP. Please email (pmip-wings[at]lsce[dot]ipsl[dot]fr), if you would like to volunteer yourself or to nominate an early-career researcher whose work you feel deserves a broader audience. The group would also like one more organiser in the Americas, who can host a big Zoom meeting and handle the recording and upload.

Past seminars

You can watch the recording of last month’s WINGS (January 2023) at These details, along with more information about the seminar series, are available from the PMIP WINGS website.

More information

Contact (pmip-wings[at]lsce[dot]ipsl[dot]fr) for more information, or to volunteer yourself or nominate someone else to present.

Visit the website for more information: