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PlioVAR Benthic Foraminifera Hackathons

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Heather Ford
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Following the successful hackathon on sea surface temperature proxies, the group is hosting follow-up hackathons to work on benthic foraminifera datasets. 


Dates and times of upcoming hackathons:

Monday 15 May: 1300-1700 UTC

Tuesday 16 May: 0000-0400 UTC

Tuesday 16 May: 1300-1700 UTC

Wednesday 17 May: 0000-0400 UTC

Wednesday 17 May: 1300-1700 UTC


The idea with the hackathon is to co-work and participate as you can.

The aim of this hackathon is to finalize the benthic foraminifera PlioVAR dataset and work toward a manuscript on deep ocean circulation during the PlioVAR interval.


You don’t have to attend during the entire block of time.  

Please register your availability on this google form: