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Nordic Climate History. Learning from past experience

Oslo, Norway
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Dominik Collet
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Date: 23-24 May 2024
Location: Oslo, Norway


The conference asks how climatic variability impacted Nordic societies in the past and what we can learn from these experiences?
The meeting will explore reconstruction, impact, and narration of past climate. It is aimed at researchers from climatology, archaeology, and history. Organizers also encourage museum practitioners, climate communicators and societal stakeholders with an interest in past climate to participate. 

The conference is directed at researchers in all career stages, including those with backgrounds in climate science, archaeology, history, or related disciplines. Organizers also encourage museum practitioners, climate communicators, and societal stakeholders with an interest in past climate to apply.

Participation is free of charge. Travel grants will be available for early career researchers. Online sessions are planned for overseas participants.


The organisers invite interested researchers, communicators, and stakeholders with a broad range of backgrounds to explore these questions. This conference aims to foster cross-disciplinary cooperation across the sciences and humanities. The event reaches out to communities beyond academia, linking museum curators, policy advisors, and educators.

The conference also aims to consolidate the emerging research environment of Nordic climate history. Although a growing field, research and communication on Nordic climate history remains divided among different disciplines, communities, and national frameworks. At the same time, Nordic environments provide highly significant and sometimes unique archives of climate-society interaction, ranging from tree-rings, lake sediments and glaciers to ice-break-up dates and narrative descriptions. Nordic scholarship had been at the forefront of exploring phenomena such as ENSO or the climatic impact on the Late Medieval Crisis or the end of Norse Greenland, before disciplinary compartmentalisation limited integrative approaches (Huhtamaa / Ljungqvist 2021). The Oslo conference hopes to reinvigorate cooperation and to release the potential of learning from past climate experiences in the North.

The organisers invite contributions to the following fields:

  • Case-studies of past climate-society-interactions (all periods)
  • New research on palaeoclimatological data or societal archives
  • Conceptual approaches to climate-society interactions
  • Perceptions of climate in the past.
  • Explorations of cross-disciplinarity
  • Disseminating / narrating climate history (from schools and museums to policy)
  • Ways of learning from past climate

Submission of papers

Please submit a one-page summary of your presentation, a short CV, and an indication of whether you require travel support by 31 October 2023 here:


Dominik Collet (Oslo)
Heli Huhtamaa (Bern)
Fredrik C. Ljungqvist (Stockholm)
Sam White (Helsinki)

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