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Beyond-EPICA Ice Core (BE OI) seminar series: Southern ocean circulation and biogeochemistry across the MPT

Online meeting
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Emilie Capron
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Date: 14 December 
Time: 2pm CET
Zoom link:
Meeting ID: 943 4151 8809
Meeting Code: 10957
Topic: Southern ocean circulation and biogeochemistry across the MPT


  • Heather Ford (Queen Mary University of London): 
The mid-Pleistocene Transition Thermohaline Circulation Crisis
  • Alfredo Martinez-Garcia (MPI for Chemistry, Mainz): The Southern Ocean Biological Carbon Pump across the Middle Pleistocene Climate Transition


As part of the EU Beyond-EPICA Ice Core (BE OI) project, and as co-chairs of the BE OI Climate and Carbon Cycle feedback Consortium, we are organizing a short online seminar series during the autumn 2023.

This seminar series is aiming at providing an update on advances related to paleoclimate reconstructions and simulations across the MPT and to our understanding of this major climatic transition based on proxy records from natural archives and climate modelling efforts.

Given the great interest in these topics for the paleoclimate research community, we are opening this seminar series to the public and invite you to join. 


The format of the seminar series is as follows: a seminar will take place once a month between September and December 2023 from 2-3pm CET. 

For each seminar, two speakers working on related topics will present their recent studies, and each speaker will give a 20 min talk followed by a 10 min discussion.

Further information

Please contact Emilie Capron via email: