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PAGES ECN webinar: Let's talk about career opportunities outside academia

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Date: 25 April
Time: 16:00 CET (14:00 UTC)
Location: Online - Zoom
Link: Register to receive the zoom link here


The PAGES ECN webinar series, "Let's talk about career opportunities" will continue on April 25th, with a special panel webinar dedicated to the topic of careers outside academia.

Topic: Let's talk about career opportunities Outside Academia

Panel members

Dr. Emily Rose Ciscato (Accelopment Schweiz)
Dr. Grace Skirrow (cbec Eco-Engineering, UK)
Dr. Stefanie Wirth (Swiss Federal Office for the Environment)

The panel speakers will share their experiences on their career path from doing research in paleo science to working in diverse sectors outside academia. The audience will also be able to ask the panel speakers questions.