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PAGES ECN webinar: How to deal with Reviewer 2 - Experiences, challenges and advice on publishing for early-career researchers

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Date: 22 April 2024
Time: 15:00 UTC (16:00 CET)
Location: Online
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An interactive panel discussion between the PAGES Early-Career Network (ECN), and the editorial team of PLOS Climate magazine about the challenges of the peer review process, focusing on the experiences from early-career researchers (ECRs) who are dealing with the exciting (but sometimes frustrating) process of publishing their first manuscripts. This online event aims to provide advice that can help ECRs “navigate” the sea of publications and create an interactive platform for sharing experiences.


  • Introduction to the panel and the discussion topic
  • Dealing with journal reviews from an ECR prespective
  • The perspective of a Journal reviewer and/or editor
  • The perspective of a Journal executive editor and/or publisher
  • Comments on survey's results
  • Questions from the audience

Panel Members

PAGES Early-Career researchers

PLOS Climate

  • Jamie Males (Executive Editor, PLOS Climate, United Kingdom)
  • Martin Ziegler (Palaeoclimate Section Editor, PLOS Climate and Utrecht University, Netherlands)

ECR survey

With the aim of having an open conversation where all voices are heard, the discussion panel has prepared a short and anonymous survey to collect the experiences from ECRs navigating their first research publications.

Interested participants can fill out the survey with the following link: