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ArcSTRAT - Arctic Ocean Stratigraphic and Paleoclimate Conference

Tromsø, Norway


Date: 22 - 25 October 2024
Location: Tromsø, Norway


The Arctic is currently undergoing the most dramatic climatic changes on Earth, with the Arctic Ocean rapidly moving towards a “blue” (summer sea ice free) state. To assess how a “blue” Arctic will respond to and drive an increasingly warmer future, in the absence of observational records, requires robust archives from the geological past.  Such conditions existed during the Pleistocene interglacials and potentially during the middle Pliocene warm period, when geological and oceanographic conditions were comparable to today, yet substantial insolation changes led to pronounced high northern latitude warming, associated with reduced or absent summer Arctic sea ice and smaller-than-present ice sheets.

ArcSTRAT will bring together scientists from all around the world to discuss the constraints to date and correlate past climate archives from across the Arctic Ocean.

Conference Topics

Current Arctic stratigraphic framework
Current knowledge of Quaternary climate evolution
Developing an Arctic Ocean multi-stratigraphic toolbox
Application of multi-stratigraphic and proxy toolbox

Keynote Speakers

Matt O’Regan - Stockholm University, Sweden
Ruediger Stein - University of Bremen, Germany
Anne de Vernal - Université du Québec à Montréal, Canada
Renata Lucchi - National Institute of Oceanography and applied Geophysics, Italy
Jutta Wollenburg - Alfred Wegener Institute of Marine and Polar Research, Germany
Stijn De Schepper - NORCE Climate and Environment in Bergen, Norway
Claude Hillaire-Marcel - Université du Québec à Montréal, Canada


Submission of abstracts to ArcSTRAT is open, and deadline is set to 1st August.

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Registration for ArcSTRAT has opened. Registration deadline is set to 1st October.

After registration, you will receive an invoice for the conference fee.

Ordinary fee is set to NOK 2000
Student fee is set to NOK 500

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Further information

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