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C-SIDE 2nd workshop: Sea-ice database and model-data framework

Sydney, NSW, Australia
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Karen Kohfeld
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PAGES' Cycles of Sea Ice Dynamics in the Earth System (C-SIDE) working group will hold its second workshop, titled "Sea-ice database and model-data framework" from 29-30 August and then 1 September 2019 in Sydney, Australia.


University of New South Wales, Sydney:

Thursday 29 to Friday 30 August 2019 - CCRC, Matthews Bld, Level 4

Sunday 1 September - K-G6-G15


This workshop is open to approximately 30 participants and will take place immediately before the 13th International Conference on Paleoceanography.


The C-SIDE working group was established to reconstruct changes in Southern Ocean sea-ice extent for the past 130,000 years and to better understand how sea-ice cover is linked with temperature, nutrient cycling, ocean productivity, air-sea gas exchange, and circulation dynamics.

During the first C-SIDE workshop, participants agreed on working group objectives, plan, and timeline. They established data collation protocols and assembled a preliminary inventory of published and unpublished data from sediment and ice core sites. Participants also drafted a multi-author sea-ice review paper, published an EOS report, and initiated analysis of existing PMIP III simulations for sea ice and SST changes during the last glacial and pre-industrial periods.


While the primary goal of Workshop 1 was to solidify the framework of C-SIDE, the goals of C-SIDE Workshop II are:

1. Compilation of quality-controlled LGM-recent sea ice records – the second workshop aims to use the site inventory from Workshop 1 to prioritize the assembly of existing data for core sites along 3-4 strategic transects. Workshop time will be spent entering data in a common format for use by the C-SIDE working group.

2. Establish data-model comparison framework – Workshop 1 resulted in new analysis of seasonal sea ice, wind stress and SST variation between model simulations integrated as part of PMIP III. These new analyses will form the basis of C-SIDE’s model data comparison, and solidify our understanding of physical mechanisms underlying sea ice variability.

3. Identification and prioritization of data gaps and two to three-year infilling strategy – The primary goal of workshop 2 will be the completion of data compilation for the transects of data, and the further goal of the workshop will be to identify our approach for infilling of data gaps for year 3.

4. Publication strategies – As with Workshop 1, time will be set aside to (1) revise the review paper initiated during Workshop 1, (2) use the data and model discussions to establish a publication strategy for newly compiled data and model comparisons, and (3) establish participant roles and outlines for C-SIDE publication products.

Key participants

- Helen Bostock; National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research, New Zealand

- Xavier Crosta; University of Bordeaux, France

- Karen Kohfeld; Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada

- Amy Leventer; Colgate University, Hamilton, NY, USA

- Alice Marzocchi; National Oceanography Centre, UK

- Katrin Meissner; Climate Change Research Centre, UNSW, Australia

- Molly Patterson; Binghamton University, NY, USA

- Joe Prebble; GNS Science, New Zealand

Further information

Contact meeting organizer Karen Kohfeld: (kohfeld[at]sfu[dot]ca)