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6th PAGES Open Science Meeting

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The 6th PAGES OSM will take place online, 16-20 May 2022.

The PAGES Open Science Meeting (OSM) is a PAGES flagship event held approximately every four years and is a much anticipated fixture on the paleoscience calendar.

Directly before the OSM, PAGES will conduct the 4th PAGES Young Scientists Meeting (YSM).


To register for the OSM, go to:

Important dates and deadlines

11 February, 23:59 UTC: OSM abstract submission deadline
15 March: Acceptance/rejection decision for OSM abstracts, posters/oral presentations


To access the program, go to:


For a full list of sessions, go to:

PAGES working group sessions

i. 2k Network, Session 28: Regional and transregional climate variability over the last 2000 years
ii. ACME, Session 34: Cryosphere change impacts on arctic coastal environments and ecosystems during the Holocene
iii. C-PEAT, Session 37:  Peatland ecosystem functioning and ecosystem services: How paleoscience and management can feed back to each other
iv. CRIAS, Session 22: Historical climate reconstruction and impacts utilizing written records
v. CVAS. Session 13: Climate variability across scales and climate states
vi. Floods, Session 16: Towards an improved understanding of past flood variability and examples on how such data can have a bearing on present and future flood risk management
vii. LandCover6k, Session 21: Deep histories of land-use and land-cover change in African montane regions & Session 41: Towards a global past human land-use and land-cover synthesis over the Holocene
viii. PEOPLE3000, Session 40: Integrating method and theory for global comparisons of human demography and climate change in the Late Holocene
ix. Joint initiative from QUIGS and PALSEA, Session 2: The last interglacial
x. SISAL, Session 3: New developments in speleothem paleoclimate and paleoenvironmental science
xi. VICS, Session 12: Volcanic impacts on climate and society

Endorsed and affiliated sessions
i. Varves working group, Session 6: Sedimentary varves: High-resolution archives of past climate and environmental change

Integrative activities
i. Extremes and risks integrative activity, Session 14: Past extremes and risks assessment: Linking the instrumental and the paleo record
ii. Tipping Points IA, Session 25: Tipping points in the Earth system: Can the past inform us about the future?
iii. Risk KAN, WCRP Grand Challenge Extremes, IRDR, Thresholds IA, Extremes IA, Session 20: Societal risk arising from global change: Past, present, future

Local Organizing Committee

- Abdelmoula ABOUHILAL
- Asmae BAQLOUL, UIZ/USMS, Morocco (PhD, ECR)
- Lhoussaine BOUCHAOU, UIZ/UM6P, Morocco
- Abdelghani BOUDHAR, USMS, Morocco
- Ilham BOUIMETARHAN, MARUM, Germany/UIZ, Morocco
- Yassine AIT BRAHIM, UIZ, Morocco (Postdoc, ECR)
- Matthieu CARRÉ, LOCEAN, France
- Rachid CHEDDADI, CNRS, France
- Abdelghani CHEHBOUNI, IRD, France/UM6P, Morocco
- Mohammed HSSAISOUNE, UIZ, Morocco
- Zouhir MAHANI, UIZ, Morocco
- Mustapha NAMOUS, USMS, Morocco
- Hanane REDDAD, USMS, Morocco
- Abdelfettah SIFEDDINE, IRD, France/UIZ, Morocco

OSM Scientific Program Committee

- Asfawossen ASRAT (Paleoclimatology/Paleoenvironment); Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia
- Lhoussaine BOUCHAOU (Paleohydrology/Climate change/Speleothems); UIZ, Morocco
- Abdelghani BOUDHAR (Hydrogeology/Climate modeling/Statistics); USMS, Morocco
- Ilham BOUIMETARHAN (Paleoceanography/paleoclimate/land-ocean correlation), MARUM, Germany/UIZ, Morocco
- Matthieu CARRÉ (Sclerochronology/Interannual-decadal varaibility), LOCEAN, France
- Rachid CHEDDADI (Paleoclimate/plant species migration); CNRS, France
- Abdelghani CHEHBOUNI (Climate changes); IRD, France/UM6P, Morocco
- Cristiano CHIESSI (Ocean dynamics/Multidecadal climate variability); University of São Paulo, Brazil
- Sarah EGGLESTON; PAGES IPO, Switzerland
- Mike EVANS (Paleoclimatology); University of Maryland, USA
- Lindsey GILLSON (Paleoclimatology); University of Cape Town, South Africa
- Marie-France LOUTRE; PAGES IPO, Switzerland
- Katrin MEISSNER (Ocean modeling); University of New South Wales, Australia
- Abdelfettah SIFEDDINE (Paleoclimate/Geochemistry); IRD, France/UIZ, Morocco

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