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PAGES 2k Network seminar series - Dagomar Degroot

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Sarah Eggleston
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The PAGES 2k Network conducted an online seminar series 20 May - 8 Nov 2021.

Today's seminar - 15 September at 13:00 UTC

Dagomar Degroot will present "Towards a rigorous understanding of societal responses to climate change".

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In order to provide new perspectives on the future and uncover a more accurate picture of the past, thousands of publications in many disciplines now argue that climate changes shaped human history. This talk begins with a brief history of that transdisciplinary scholarship, which was recently coined the "History of Climate and Society," or HCS. It reveals how efforts by HCS scholars to link climatic and human histories were, from the start, undermined by a reliance on problematic methods and assumptions. It argues that these methods and assumptions continue to influence HCS scholarship today, even in disciplines that use very different means of establishing the influence of climate change on human affairs. The talk offers a simple framework for addressing these challenges, and then explains how a large group of multidisciplinary scholars used that framework to uncover examples of populations that endured past climate changes or adapted to them.

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