Climate and the Roman conquest of Italy

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This will be an online meeting taking place 1 - 2 October, 2021. 


The event is being organised by Prof. Seth Bernard and hosted by the Department of Classics, University of Toronto with support from a Connection Grant from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada. 

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  • Monica Bini, Laura Sadori, Giovanni Zanchetta, Scott Mensing, Anna Maria Mercuri, and Gianluca Piovesan - Climate and environmental evolution between 500 BC and 500 AD in central and southern Italy: the state of the art
  • Deepak Chandan, Fengyi Xie, and Richard Peltier - High-resolution climate of the Italian Peninsula
  • Caroline Cheung - Food Storage and Resiliency
  • Andrea De Giorgi - Water technology in Italy during the Roman conquest
  • Marta Mariotti Lippi, and Cristina Bellini - Plant landscape in Roman Tuscany
  • Joseph R. McConnell - Volcanism and Effects on Climate During the Roman Republican Expansion (~300 to 1 BCE)
  • Fabrizio Michelangeli, Federico Di Rita, and Donatella Magri - Vegetation history of Italy during the Roman expansion
  • Claudia Paparella - Ancient sources on climate and environmental phenomena Dan-el Padilla Peralta - Religion and Ecology
  • J. Troy Samuels - Disentangling the Roman conquest and rural settlement change
  • James Tan - The Politics of Marginal Land and the Ecology of Roman Politics Angela Trentacoste - Stories from seeds and bones: bioarchaeological proxies for farming practices in protohistoric Italy
  • Peter van Dommelen - Sa Laurera: Agrarian Practices between Landscape and Environment

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