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Country: Croatia
Region: east Velebit Channel
Varve Category: clastic varves
Archive Type: lacustrine sediments
Lake Type: proglacial lake (fossil)
Elevation: 2
DOI / Reference Link: Access Link
Reference: Adzic, I., Marjanac, T., Marjanac, L., 2012. Varved lacustrine sediments in the South Velebit Channel, Croatia. Terra Nostra 2012/1: 15-20.
Picture Authors: Ljerka Marjanac
outcrop / cliff of sediment layers

Description: The sediments of the Seline section were deposited in a proximal lacustrine setting, relative to the Velebit Mt. range. They are well stratified sands and silts (no clay) in the lower and massive in the upper part. Fossil plant debris is abundant.
Picture Type: macroscopic