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Nar Gölü

Country: Turkey
Varve Category: endogenic varves
Archive Type: lacustrine sediments
Lake Type: volcanic lake
Elevation: 1363
Length of Record: 1701
DOI / Reference Link: Access Link
Reference: Woodbridge, J. and Roberts, N. (2011) Late Holocene climate of the Eastern Mediterranean inferred from diatom analysis of annually-laminated lake sediments. Quaternary Science Reviews. 30 (23–24), 3381-3392.
Picture Authors: Neil Roberts
close up with descriptions

Description: Varved sediment from Lake Nar (Turkey). The thin section micrograph from NAR 01/02 is illustrating carbonate (appears grey/white), diatom bloom of Stephanodiscus parvus (pale yellow) and organic layer (brown) over 2-3 varve layers. Note that diatom bloom layers do not occur every year.
Picture Type: microscopic

Description: Thin sections from Nar Lake, Turkey, highlight the different seasonality of diatom blooms and their differing relationship with carbonate precipitation. One blooming taxon (Nitzschia paleacea) always immediately precedes carbonate precipitation; the other (Synedra acus) does not.
Picture Type: microscopic