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Lake Szurpily

Country: Poland
Region: Suwałki Lakeland.
Varve Category: endogenic varves
Archive Type: lacustrine sediments
Lake Type: glacial lake
Maximum Depth: 46.2
Catchment Area: 11.14
Surface Area: 0.81
Elevation: 183.0
Length of Record: 8410
DOI / Reference Link: Access Link
Reference: Kinder, M., Tylmann, W., Enters, D., Piotrowska, N., Poreba, G. & Zolitschka, B., 2013: Construction and validation of calendar-year time scale for annually laminated sediments – an example from Lake Szurpiły (NE Poland). GFF, 135: 248-257.
Picture 1:

Description: Panoramic view of Lake Szurpily.
Picture Authors: Malgorzata Kinder
whole varve

Description: Carbonaceous varves from Lake Szurpily dated to 7555 +/-92 cal. BP a the top. Flatbed scan of thin section scanned with polarised light (scale bar: 1 cm).
Picture Type: macroscopic

Description: Radiography superimposed on a photography from Lake Szurpily after oxidation of the sediment surface (scale to the right in cm). The radiography was obtained with a vertical resolution of 400 µm on a split core half (radiated thickness: ~3 cm). Both images document the very well preserved record of annually laminated sediments.
Picture Type: radiographic

Description: Varve structures of four different depth intervals in Lake Szurpiły in Poland. All depth intervals document a similar varve composition: thicker and pale laminae are composed of calcite, whereas thinner and dark laminae are composed of organic matter and minerogenic detritus (varve couplets are indicated to the right by dark and white bars). Note the increasing varve thickness over time that result from changes in sediment accumulation rates during the Holocene.
Picture Type: macroscopic