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Lake Lovojärvi

Country: Finland
Region: Lammi
Varve Category: mixed varves
Archive Type: lacustrine sediments
Lake Type: glacial lake
Maximum Depth: 17.5
Surface Area: 0.0449
Elevation: 108.0
Length of Record: 4929
DOI / Reference Link: Access Link
Reference: Saarnisto M, Huttunen P, Tolonen K (1977) Annual lamination of sediments in Lake Lovojärvi, southern Finland, during the past 600 years. Annales Botanici Fennici 14, 35-45.
Picture 1:
picture of lake with farm and tree line and homes and road

Author of Picture 1: Matti Saarnisto
Description: Lake Lovojärvi, Finland
Picture Authors: Matti Saarnisto
picture of outside of core with meter stick

Description: Freeze core of varves from Lovojärvi. First test of the dry-ice method in Finland (1974) – this was the beginning of a boom.
Picture Type: field image