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Lago di Ledro

Country: Italy
Region: Trento, Italian Alps
Varve Category: mixed varves
Archive Type: lacustrine sediments
Lake Type: glacial lake
Maximum Depth: 46.0
Catchment Area: 111.0
Surface Area: 2.18
Elevation: 653.0
DOI / Reference Link: Access Link
Reference: Wirth SB, Gilli A, Simonneau A, Ariztegui D, Vannière B, Glur L, Chapron E, Magny M, Anselmetti FS (2013) A 2000 year long seasonal record of floods in the southern European Alps. Geophysical Research Letters 40 (15), 4025-4029.
Picture 1:
mountains and large lake

Description: Lago di Ledro
Picture Authors: Stefanie Wirth
core marked with autumn, autumn, spring, summer

Description: Example of a high-resolution sediment core image with identified carbonaceous varves (summer: beige laminae; winter: brown laminae) and flood layers (thicker gray layers). The season in which the floods occurred is indicated to the right.
Picture Type: microscopic