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Country: Sweden
Region: Värmland
Varve Category: mixed varves
Archive Type: lacustrine sediments
Lake Type: glacial lake
Maximum Depth: 14.2
Catchment Area: 4.0
Surface Area: 0.4
Elevation: 98.0
Length of Record: 8500
DOI / Reference Link: Access Link
Reference: Stanton, T., Nilsson, A., Snowball, I., Muscheler, R., 2011. Assessing the reliability of Holocene relative palaeointensity estimates: a case study from Swedish varved lake sediments. Geophysical Journal International 187, 1195–1214.
Picture Authors: Tania Stanton
up close view of varve that is less than 1 mm

Description: Clastic-organic varves from Kälksjön, Sweden.
Picture Type: macroscopic