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Country: Germany
Region: West Eifel Volcanic Field
Varve Category: mixed varves
Archive Type: lacustrine sediments
Lake Type: volcanic (maar)
Maximum Depth: 20.0
Catchment Area: 2.058
Surface Area: 0.058
Elevation: 425.0
Length of Record: 23220
DOI / Reference Link: Access Link
Reference: Zolitschka, B., A. Brauer, H. Stockhausen, A. Lang & J.F.W. Negendank (2000): Annually dated late Weichselian continental palaeoclimate record from the Eifel, Germany. Geology, 28: 783-786.
Picture 1:
aerial photo of trees surrounding lake

Author of Picture 1: Marmuseum Manderscheid
Description: Aerial photography of Holzmaar
Picture Authors: Bernd Zolitschka
organoclastic radiography

Description: Radiography of organo-clastic varves from Lake Holzmaar, West-Eifel Volcanic Field, western Germany. This image from the early Holocene section of the record (870 cm sediment depth) has been obtained with a conventional medical X-ray equipment.
Picture Type: radiographic
comparison of varves, black lines and white lines

Description: Organic (diatomaceous) varved lake sediments from Holzmaar, Eifel, Germany. Left: Macroscopic view showing sublaminae composed of diatoms (pale laminas) and organic detritus (dark laminas). Center & Right: Close-up showing the internal varve structure with massive planktonic diatom blooms in pale laminas and larger benthic and epiphytic diatoms in dark laminas.
Picture Type: microscopic
core compared to 12 cm of a meter stick

Description: Organo-clastic varves of Holzmaar (scale in cm).