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East Lake, Cape Bounty

Country: Canada
Region: south-central coast of Melville Island
Varve Category: clastic varves
Archive Type: lacustrine sediments
Lake Type: glacial
Maximum Depth: 32.0
Catchment Area: 11.6
Surface Area: 1.5
Elevation: 5.0
Length of Record: 4200
DOI / Reference Link: Access Link
Reference: Cuven, S., Francus, P., Lamoureux, S., 2011. Mid to Late Holocene hydroclimatic and geochemical records from the varved sediments of East Lake, Cape Bounty, Canadian High Arctic. Quaternary Science Reviews 30 (19-20), 2651−2665
Picture Authors: Pierre Francus
what the varve looks like

Description: Split core with surface varves.
Picture Type: macroscopic