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The CoralHydro2k database: a global, actively curated compilation of coral δ18O and Sr ∕ Ca proxy records of tropical ocean hydrology and temperature for the Common Era

Walter RM, Sayani HR, Felis T, Cobb KM, Abram NJ, Arzey AK, Atwood AR, Brenner LD, Dassié EP, DeLong KL, Ellis B, Emile-Geay J, Fischer MJ, Goodkin NF, Hargreaves JA, Kilbourne KH, Krawczyk H, McKay NP, Moore AL, Murty SA, Ong MR, Ramos RD, Reed EV, Samanta D, Sanchez SC, Zinke J and the PAGES CoralHydro2k Project Members
Earth System Science Data
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