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A multi-model CMIP6-PMIP4 study of Arctic sea ice at 127 ka: sea ice data compilation and model differences

Kageyama M, Sime LC, Sicard M, Guarino M-V, de Vernal A, Schroeder D, Stein R, Malmierca-Vallet I, Abe-Ouchi A, Bitz C, Braconnot P, Brady E, Chamberlain MA, Feltham D, Guo C, Lohmann G, Meissner K, Menviel L, Morozova P, Nisancioglu KH, Otto-Bliesner B, O'ishi R, Sherriff-Tadano S, Stroeve J, Shi X, Sun B, Volodin E, Yeung N, Zhang Q, Zhang Z & Ziehn T
Climate of the Past