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A multi-model assessment of last interglacial temperatures

Lunt DJ, Abe-Ouchi A, Bakker P, Berger A, Braconnot P, Charbit S, Fischer N, Herold N, Jungclaus JH, Khon VC, Krebs-Kanzow U, Langebroek PM, Lohmann G, Nisancioglu KH, Otto-Bliesner BL, Park W, Pfeiffer M, Phipps SJ, Prange M, Rachmayani R, Renssen H, Rosenbloom N, Schneider B, Stone EJ, Takahashi K, Wei W, Yin Q & Zhang ZS, Eds: Kageyama M, Brierley C, Crucifix M, Hargreaves JC, Paul A & Ramstein G
Climate of the Past