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Li F, Gaillard M-J, Cao X, Herzschuh U, Sugita S, Ni J, Zhao Y, An C…
Earth System Science Data
Wan Q, Huang K, Zhang X, Yue Y, Peng H, Yang X and Zheng Z
Quaternary International
Wan et al. 2022: Fig. 1
Githumbi E, Pirzamanbein B, Lindström J, Poska A, Fyfe R, Mazier F,…
Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution
Figure 3. Validation datasets of major land-cover types (LCTs: B, broad-leaved forest; C, coniferous forest; O, open land), area of confidence region (CR) and compositional distance (CD) estimates. (A) CR (100 BP–present): area of confidence regions for 100 BP–present time-window (smaller values are better, see Figure 2 for examples of CRs); (B) 100 BP–present: reconstructed proportions of LCTs in Europe for the most recent time window; (C) EFI-FM: observed modern LCT proportions according to the European f
Pinke Z, Decsi B, Jámbor A, Kardos MK, Kern Z, Kozma Z and Ács T
Scientific Reports
Strandberg G, Lindstrom J, Poska A, Zhang Q, Fyfe R, Githumbi E,…
Quaternary Science Reviews
Fig. 1. Description of the model chain for 6 ka. All RCM simulations read boundary conditions from EC-Earth. A first set of simulations are made with current land cover (0), these climate scenarios are used in LPJ-GUESS to provide the 6 ka potential natural land cover (L1, L2) subsequently used in the RCMs. A Bayesian spatial model is used to reconstruct 6 ka land cover (R) that is also used in the RCMs.
Pinke Z, Decsi B, Kardos MK, Kern Z, Kozma Z, Pásztor L and Ács T
European Journal of Agronomy
Heikkilä M, Ribeiro S, Weckström K and Pieńkowski AJ
Overview of key cryosphere processes and ecosystem interactions in the coastal zone, including deposition and preservation of proxies (paleo-records).
Githumbi E, Fyfe R, Gaillard M-J, Trondman A-K, Mazier F, Nielsen A-B…
Earth System Science Data
Githumbi 2022
Mariani M, Connor SE, Theuerkauf M, Herbert A, Kuneš P, Bowman D,…
Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment