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This database contains publications, meeting products and outreach material emerging from PAGES activities. It is a requirement that all products listed here acknowledge PAGES, a PAGES working group or a meeting supported by PAGES.

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Hébert R, Herzschuh U and Laepple T
Nature Geoscience
Figure 1: Millennial-scale climate variability over land overprinted by ocean temperature fluctuations
Pan L, Milne GA, Latychev K, Goldberg SL, Austermann J, Hoggard MJ…
Quaternary Science Reviews

Khan NS, Ashe E, Moyer RP, Kempe AC, Engelhart SE, Brain MJ…
Global and Planetary Change
Yokoyama Y, Tims S, Froehlich M, Hirabayashi S, Aze T, Fifield LK,…
Nature Scientific Reports
Daltona AS, Pico T, Gowan EJ, Clague JJ, Forman SL, McMartin I,…
Global and Planetary Change
Fig. 1 Dalton et al. May 2022
Dalton AS, Gowan EJ, Mangerud J, Möller P, Lunkka JP and Astakhov V
Earth System Science Data
Garrett E, Gehrels WR, Hayward BW, Newnham R, Gehrels MJ, Morey CJ…
Journal of Quaternary Science
Location of the tidal marsh at Mokomoko Inlet. In panels a and b, tide-gauge station abbreviations are as follows: PWB: Puysegur Welcome Bay, DUN: Dunedin, BLF: Bluff. Panel b shows locations of Mokomoko Inlet (this study), Waikawa Harbour (Figueira, 2012; Figueira and Hayward, 2014), and Pounawea (Southall et al., 2006; Gehrels et al., 2008). Aerial photo of Mokomoko Inlet in panel c is from Bing Maps (, image copyright DigitalGlobe, 2020). Panels d and e show the topography and ve
Walker JS, Kopp RE, Little CM & Horton BP
Nature Communications
 Fig. 2: Spatial variability in the time of emergence of modern rates of relative sea level.
Procyk R, Lovejoy S and Hébert R
Earth System Dynamics