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Arctic Database v1.1 (2014)

Current version: V1.1

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Citation details Nicholas P. McKay and Darrell S. Kaufman. 2014. An extended Arctic proxy temperature database for the past 2,000 years. Nature Scientific Data, 1, 140026. doi: 10.1038/sdata.2014.26

Summary of database:

The Arctic Temperature database V1.1 is an updated version of the Arctic region portion of the PAGES (2013) Global Temperature database, built by the Arctic2k working group. This expanded database includes chronological uncertainty estimates for non tree-ring records, as well as age ensembles.

To be included in the database, records needed to meet the following criteria:

  • Be located north of 60°N
  • Extend to atleast 1500AD, with at least 1 observation per 50years, and atleast 1 age control point per 500years.
  • Have been previously published and publicly available, with documentation describing the relationship between the proxy used and Temperature.

A variety of archives were included in the database, shown in figure. A below. A major addition to this database was the inclusion of formatted geochronology data and metadata. This included developing age-depth models for radiometrically-dated record sites using Bayesian ACcumulatiON algorithms (BACON), and developing time-uncertain ensembles for layer-counted records, such as ice cores and lake sediments, using a Banded Age model (BAM) approach. An updated Arctic-wide Temperature recosntruction was also completed, where several records or sections of records were removed or corrected. More details on the database revision, and the impact the resulting temperature reconstruction can be found in the Data descriptor publication ( McKay and Kaufman., 2014).

arctic map of proxies

Figure. A: Spatial distribution of records used in the database, taken from the data descriptor publication, McKay and Kaufman (2014). Records are categorised by archive type.

How to access data:

This database is archived on NOAA WDS PALEO, and the study page can be accessed by the button below, or at the top of this page. The study page contains citation information, metadata information, data description files, and a data folder where the database can be downloaded. The data folder contains:

  • Compressed zip files of the Arctic Database V1.1.1 and V1.1.0 records
  • Excel data files containing the accompanying metadata for all records in the database, reconstruction data,and revision history
  • A text data file of the Arctic reconstruction data v1.1.1, including site and study information

> Access database (NOAA)

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