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Australasian Temperature Reconstructions Spanning the Last Millennium (2016)

Current version: v2.0

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Citation details Joelle Gergis, Raphael Neukom, Ailie J.E. Gallant, and David J. Karoly. 2016. Australasian temperature reconstructions spanning the last millennium. Journal of Climate, 29(15), 5365-5392. doi: 10.1175/JCLI-D-13-00781.1

Summary of Reconstruction:

This study presents temperature reconstructions for the Australasia region, for the warm season (September to February) over 1000-2000AD. A proxy data network was used to construct each SONDJF temperature reconstruction, with four 1000-member ensemble reconstructions created from between 2 (R2) to 28 (R28) paleoclimate records. The proxy archives included in the data network came from tree rings, corals, and speleothem records, with multiple records from the same sites included. The 28 proxy records were chosen from an initial pool of 67 records, following a number of screening tests.

Each of the four reconstructions used a different technique - PCR, Composite plus scale (CPS), pairwise comparison (PaiCo), and A Bayesian hierarchical model (LNA). The reconstruction and accompanying data proxy network are revised versions of the Gergis et al (2012) dataset, which formed part of the PAGES2k Global Temperature database (2013). More information on the methods and results of the reconstruction can be found in the accompanying publication ( Gergis et al., 2016).

How to access data:

Both the data proxy network and reconstruction data are archived on WDS PALEO, and the study page can be accessed by the button below, or at the top of the page. The study page includes citation information, metadata, and a data folder to house the files. A description readme file describes each of the data files available for download in detail, and a summary of the data folder contents is in the table below.

> Access data (NOAA)

Data file Description
Proxies_screened.txt Textfile containing the Screened proxy matrix (Table 1)
Proxies_for_recon.txt screened, lag adjusted and infilled proxy matrix for PCR, CPS, LNA and the four-method reconstructions
Aus2k_TT_recon_PCR_ensemble.txt Textfile containing the PCR reconstruction ensemble
Aus2k_TT_recon_CPS_ensemble.txt Textfile containing the CPS reconstruction ensemble
Aus2k_TT_recon_LNA_ensemble.txt Textfile containing the LNA reconstruction ensemble
Aus2k_TT_recon_PaiCo_ensemble.txt Textfile containing the PaiCo reconstruction ensemble
Aus2k_TT_recon_Ensemble_medians.txt Textfile containing the Instrumental HadCRUT3v reconstruction target and ensemble median for PCR, CPS, LNA and PaiCo methods
readme-gergis2016.txt Read me file describing the datasets available

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