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North American borehole temperature profiles for climate studies V1.0 (2016)

Current version: V2.0

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Citation details

  • Jaume-Santero, Fernando; Beltrami, Hugo; Mareschal, Jean-Claude (2016): North American borehole temperature profiles suitable for climate studies. figshare. Dataset.

  • Jaume-Santero, F., Pickler, C., Beltrami, H. and Mareschal, J.C., 2016. North American regional climate reconstruction from ground surface temperature histories. Climate of the Past, 12(12), pp.2181-2194.

Summary of Database:

This Database was created by the NAm2K project, containing 510 borehole temperature-depth profiles that are valid for use in climate studies. Each borehole record also includes supplementary metadata about the profile. Data is available in csv or text files, and example code is available for use. A map of the database created using the PAGES2K Phase 1-2 Mapping viewer is shown in Figure. A below.

To be included in the database, temperature profiles had to be at minimum 300m deep, include 10+ measurements, and pass visual discontinuity and perturbation inspections. Following the creation of the database, the profiles were used to reconstruct GST histories over the past 500 years, and the results of this can be found in Jaume-Santero et al (2016).

How to access data:

This dataset is available via Figshare, and can be accessed via the link below or at the top of the page. The Figshare site page contains three data folders, described in the table below.

> Access data (Figshare)

TABULAR Text files of each data record
CSV CSV fields of each data record
CODE Ample code to load data elements in python or matlab

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