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Aus2k scientific goals

Research projects in the Aus2K working group included:

1. Compiling a collection of multi-century coral records from Western Australia and Queensland, Australia.

2. Developing multi-century tree ring records from Tasmania, Victoria, Western Australia and New Zealand.

3. Creating multi-decadal circulation reconstructions for New Zealand, Tasman Sea region and Southern Hemisphere using synoptic regime classification.

4. Creating multi proxy temperature and precipitation spatial field reconstructions for Australia and the Southern Hemisphere.

5. Compiling a collection of multi-century speleothem records from Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand.

6. Consolidating Australia’s sedimentary records spanning the last 2000 years.

7. Compiling a collection of high resolution lake sediment records from Tasmania and Victoria.

8. Using climate system models to explore the drivers of climate variability and change in the Australasian region.