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Team leaders

Paul Butler, University of Exeter, UK: (mailing list administrator)

James Scourse, University of Exeter, UK:

Team members

Carin Andersson, Uni Research, Norway:
Philippa Ascough, University of Glasgow, UK:
Meghan Burchell, Memorial University, Canada:
Dan Charman, University of Exeter, UK:
Kristine DeLong, Louisiana State University, USA:
Jochen Halfar, University of Toronto, Canada:
Paul Halloran, University of Exeter, UK:
Samuli Helama, LUKE, Finland:
Heli Huhtamaa, University of Bern, Switzerland:
Francis Ludlow, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland;
Gill Plunkett, Queen’s University Belfast, UK:
Michael Sigl, University of Bern, Switzerland:
Dunia Urrego, University of Exeter, UK:

Data liaison officer

Paul Butler, University of Exeter, UK: 

PAGES Early-Career Network (ECN) representative

David Warner, Louisiana State University, USA:

Learn more and participate

This group is open to anyone who is interested. To participate subscribe to the mailing list or contact the project leaders, above.

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