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GMST reconstructions people

*This project is now finished/concluded*

This was a collaborative effort and consisted of a team of active 2k members.

The group formed during phase 2 with the aim to make use of the temperature database product and the reconstruction expertise within the 2k community.

The following persons were part of the project:


Project coordination, main contact and data liaison officer

Raphael Neukom,


Team members (alphabetically by first name)

Benjamin Henley,

Darrell Kaufman,

Feng Shi,

Fredrik Ljungqvist,

Greg Hakim,

Johannes Werner,

Jörg Franke,

Julien Emile-Geay,

Kira Rehfeld,

Lucien von Gunten,

Luis Barboza,

Michael Erb,

Mike Evans,

Nick McKay,

Stefan Broennimann,

Steven Phipps,

Veronika Valler,

Wan He,