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GMST reconstructions people

*This project is now finished/concluded*

This was a collaborative effort and consisted of a team of active 2k members.

The group formed during phase 2 with the aim to make use of the temperature database product and the reconstruction expertise within the 2k community.

The following persons were part of the project:


Project coordination, main contact and data liaison officer

Raphael Neukom, (neukom[at]giub[dot]unibe[dot]ch)


Team members (alphabetically by first name)

Benjamin Henley, (benjamin[dot]henley[at]unimelb[dot]edu[dot]au)

Darrell Kaufman, (Darrell[dot]Kaufman[at]nau[dot]edu)

Feng Shi, (shifeng[at]mail[dot]iggcas[dot]ac[dot]cn)

Fredrik Ljungqvist, (fredrik[dot]c[dot]l[at]historia[dot]su[dot]se)

Greg Hakim, (ghakim[at]uw[dot]edu)

Johannes Werner, (johannes[dot]werner[at]uib[dot]no)

Jörg Franke, (franke[at]giub[dot]unibe[dot]ch)

Julien Emile-Geay, (julieneg[at]usc[dot]edu)

Kira Rehfeld, (kira[dot]rehfeld[at]awi[dot]de)

Lucien von Gunten, (lucien[dot]vongunten[at]pages[dot]unibe[dot]ch)

Luis Barboza, (luisalberto[dot]barboza[at]ucr[dot]ac[dot]cr)

Michael Erb, (erbm[at]usc[dot]edu)

Mike Evans, (mnevans[at]umd[dot]edu)

Nick McKay, (Nicholas[dot]McKay[at]nau[dot]edu)

Stefan Broennimann, (stefan[dot]broennimann[at]giub[dot]unibe[dot]ch)

Steven Phipps, (Steven[dot]Phipps[at]utas[dot]edu[dot]au)

Veronika Valler, (veronika[dot]valler[at]giub[dot]unibe[dot]ch)

Wan He, (wanmathsic[at]gmail[dot]com)