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Iso2k scientific goals

Iso2k has been active since 2015, as part of PAGES 2k Network. Preliminary results were presented at AGU 2015, and a workshop was held after PAGES 5th Open Science Meeting in Spain in May 2017.

This global database of paleo-δ18O and δD records is based on a wide variety of marine and terrestrial archives, with resolutions from annual to centennial, spanning at least part of the past 2,000 years.

The main goals of Iso2k are to identify regional- and global-scale features in Common Era hydroclimate and atmospheric circulation, and assess possible relationships with temperature reconstructions (PAGES 2K Consortium 2013; Tierney et al. 2013; McGregor et al. 2015; Abram et al. 2016; PAGES 2k Consortium 2017).

Scientific questions include, but are not limited to:

- The stability of climate/isotope relationships during the past 2kyr?
- The influence of ocean circulation vs. precipitation on seawater δ18O, variability and trends in tropical monsoons and Walker circulation, region-specific questions such as the hydrological response to Arctic warming or the spatiotemporal imprint of ENSO?
- Ocean-terrestrial teleconnections?
- Where and how well do the modern-day temperature-hydrology relationships hold over the last 2k?
- How do changes in atmospheric conditions relate to changes in oceanic conditions?
- How well do water isotope proxy records capture changes in the tropical water cycle?

The Iso2k database will be also be a valuable tool for the wider community, including those researching such topics as isotope-enabled climate model simulations and proxy system modeling.